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Speaking in Tshwane at the EFF's Youth Day commemoration, party leader Julius Malema began his speech outside Uitsig High School by calling the institution a crime scene.

"This school is not a school; it is a crime scene because racism is a crime," he said, adding that youth of 1976 fought against racism on June 16 and now "history is repeating itself".

"We come here because the grandchildren of [former apartheid prime minister John] Vorster ... are presiding over this school. They are continuing the legacy of their murderous grandfather because it is in their blood."

"All they know is to dish out hatred on black people."

This after a video went viral of guards manhandling a learner who was wearing an EFF beret.

The EFF rally was marked by a crowd of more than 100 people, seemingly in contravention of the regulations laid out by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday evening as he moved South Africa to alert level 3.

'No white must touch our children'

Malema said they were at the school to fix racial discrimination "peacefully".

"We are a peaceful organisation; just don't provoke us."

To raucous applause, Malema warned that people should not "manhandle our kids, especially if you are a white man. Don't do it."

We never touch your children; we talk to them all the time. We even fake an accent so that they can hear what we are saying. Please do not touch our children. We are making a peaceful plea. Talk to them. They are not crazy. They have got brains ... show them why they are wrong. Violence is not a solution.Malema

'Don't listen to Covid-19 rules anymore'

Latching on to Ramaphosa's "family meetings", Malema said all the president does is change the numbers and that he does not have a plan.

"What's the new number?" he asked those on the stage with him before mockingly stating that "those people change numbers like they are changing underwear".

Looking towards a crowd that easily numbered in the hundreds, Malema said that "here we are 50. No one must come and say we are not complying. Who counted them?" he petulantly asked.

"No lockdown nonsense regulations are going to stop us," Malema said as the crowd cheered him on.

"From today we don't listen to what Ramaphosa says about corona, we don't comply with nonsense he says about corona until he gives us vaccines and vaccinates our people because he has no intention of vaccinating our people."

"If it means death, so be it; if it means prison we will wear it with honour because prison for revolutionaries is an honour."

'Vaccines - get them from China and Russia'

If the EFF were in power, Malema promised, they would take 50 million vaccine doses from Russia, 50 million from Chinese manufacturers and "we'll vaccinate our people ... because you must be a government with a plan".

He blamed all of South Africa's Covid-19 deaths on Ramaphosa.

"When we defeat this corona, all of the deaths must be put squarely at the door of Cyril Ramaphosa. He must be known as a president who loved money more than the lives of our people."

"Where this [virus] started ... they are not wearing masks anymore" because "they have vaccinated enough people".

"Who would have thought that Zimbabwe would be better than South Africa at something?" he asked rhetorically.

"Very soon you are all going to line up passing my home town, Sheshego, going to Musina and Beit Bridge going to look for vaccines because you are led by fools."

Malema then declared that the EFF would picket at the Pretoria offices of the SA Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) as "we want vaccines from Russia and China to be provided in South Africa because we think those things are a solution".

He said the authority would then be given seven days to approve the two vaccines and if it doesn't they would "do a sleep-in at the house of the chief executive officer of Sahpra" to force it to approve the vaccines for use in South Africa.

'ANC leaders were apartheid spies'

"It is easy for us to call the names of those who killed our people in Marikana because [the perpetrators] are black people. When we call their names the media helps us to repeat those names. But when we call the names of Vorster, of [apartheid last leader FW] de Klerk, as the people who are responsible for the trauma of black people, the media does not repeat that because they are white people."

He said the apartheid government's crimes should have been dealt with by the people who replaced it and that the new set of politicians should have charged the old guard.

"We accuse Vorster of the murder of Hector Pieterson in the same way we accuse De Klerk of the same murder. We accuse the ANC of the same murder because the ANC is refusing to prosecute the apartheid criminals who killed our people. Therefore the ANC too is responsible for the murder of Hector Pieterson."

CENTURION, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 16:EFF supporters EFF supporters at the EFF Youth Day commemoration at Uitsig High School on June 16. Photo: Gallo Images/Laird Forbes

Malema said the ANC had not prosecuted "a single apartheid murderer", yet it goes after people such as Tony Yengeni because he didn't disclose gifts to Parliament. Yengeni was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for fraud. He served four months of his sentence before being released on parole.

"They arrested him for not disclosing a Mercerdes-Benz, but they never arrested the people who killed Hector Pieterson."

Malema, in his usual swashbuckling brand of claim brandishing, also accused ANC leaders of being apartheid spies.

"Can you imagine ANC leaders arresting their own handlers? Because by the looks of things it seems as if it is only Winnie Mandela who did not sell out in the ANC. The rest have sold out."

Nothing to celebrate on Youth Day

According to the 40-year-old Malema, June 16 is not a day of celebration.

"We the youth of South Africa, we the youth of the continent don't celebrate this day ... How do you say Happy Murderers' Day? The people who are saying Happy June 16 are people who do not appreciate what the families of those [killed on this day] are going through."

"This is not a Youth Day, it is a Soweto Uprising. We must call it by it's rightful name so that it doesn't lose its political significance and its historical purpose."

He said that when one says Happy Youth Day they are effectively saying they are "happy in your shack, happy without water, happy without electricity, happy without land, happy without access to tertiary education. We must say happy everything because they want us to forget; forget that you are unemployed."

No alcohol, no drugs, only 'responsible black people'

Malema also said the youth must not drink alcohol or throw parties on this day because it is a day of commemoration and mourning, and "you cannot do that in a state of drunkenness. Unless you want to please whites, [showing them] that all you know is alcohol and sex and you have no respect for yourselves or those that died before."

"We must be the new black; the black they don't know, the black that doesn't take nonsense from them, the black that doesn't behave in a typical way that they define a black person."

"We must be a generation of responsible black people."

Taking a stance against the consumption of alcohol and drugs, he said that the solutions that young people seek are not found in a bottle or other intoxications, "you are just worsening your situation".

Malema urged that when the EFF takes over after the October 27 local elections "the government of black people must find you intact and must find you in the right state of mind".

'Educate the black child'

On education, Malema said the primary objective is to fight for black children to get access to higher education.

"Whether we are going to get jobs after higher education or not, that is secondary ... We must attain the qualifications so that when the real government comes it must find us highly qualified."

Leave Bantu education by our mothers; we are going to fight for decolonised quality education and we are going to get it for free.Malema

Invoking the name of Steve Biko, whom he said had left enough material to conscientise the black child, the EFF leader said that white people must understand that "there no no-go areas for the EFF".

"You can't stop us. The EFF in the Western Cape must still look for those white people who were beating us up that day. One by one, day and night because police are failing us. And when they find them, they know what to do with them," he subtly threatened.

Continuing to play on the racial divisions, Malema urged his "fighters" to not provoke "them" but in same breath said that if "they" provoke the EFF and the police do not help "then let them meet their creators".

"It is racism that killed our people in 1976 and it will not be racism that is allowed to kill our people today."

Of the need to have more representation among teachers in schools, Malema said that no school can have "100% white teachers when 90% of residents are black. Which land is that?"

"This is not Holland, this not Germany or France, this is South Africa. This is Africa, everything must be reflecting how Africa looks like. Our schools must look the same way our country looks."

He also decried the use of toxic language by teachers, which makes children think that they are not good enough thus forcing them to the streets.

'The government sold out'

In a particularly emphatic tone, Malema declared that "nothing is fine in this country" and that the EFF would take "the battle and the war to their doorstep".

"Let us not protect Ramaphosa, who is destroying our economy, who is destroying our youth, who is destroying this country and selling it to the highest bidder."

He validated his assertions by saying that government sold SAA and Eskom just like he said they would and that a day would come when government would not own any companies.

"Pravin [Gordhan, minister of public enterprises] is taking everything for himself and his relatives."

'The media in cahoots with Ramaphosa'

Malema also took a swipe at "the media", which he claimed is full of "liars that lie a lot".

Brandishing claims of the media toeing the line with Ramaphosa, he said that most journalists receive brown envelopes while also asking why certain politicians get apparent preferential treatment in the media.

Branches, discipline and elections

On elections, Malema called on the youth to register to vote, saying that to just complain is useless. He also suggested that the EFF needs to contest elections on every street and every region, adding that "we must have branches that are strong, with people who come from where the branch is, not some mobile members".

But he was also swift to chastise those within the party who are unhappy with the way the EFF conducts its affairs.

"We are here to build a party and not nurse the feelings of anyone ... If you leave the party, you must never come back."

Lashing the Tshwane branch for sharing videos on social media portraying the EFF in a bad light, Malema commanded his members to show "high discipline" and "high focus" so that they can take over the municipality.

PAP showdown and foreign nationals

On the scenes at the Pan-African Parliament, Malema again called for a rotating president because if that doesn't happen, he challenged, then it will effectively be accounting to France with all the Francophone countries clubbing together to ensure that power keeps being vested in them.

"We are fighting to restore the dignity of that parliament to make sure that it has teeth and that it can bite ... We are there for Africa, not for ourselves."

Regarding the fight that some have against foreign nationals and a concerted campaign to remove them, Malema urged for all black people to stick together.

"Let us not engage in barbaric acts against ourselves. We must tell them: 'Don't count us in.' If you can provide protection for our brothers and sister, let's do that. This country belongs to them, the same way Nigeria belongs to us."

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